n. çizgi, hiza, hat, sıra, halat, satır, dize, kuyruk, kablo, bilgi, yöntem, işkolu
v. çizmek, çizgi çizmek, kırıştırmak, astarlamak, kaplamak, doldurmak
* * *
1. doğru çizgi 2. çiz (v.) 3. çizgi (n.)
* * *
I 1. noun
1) ((a piece of) thread, cord, rope etc: She hung the washing on the line; a fishing-rod and line.) ip, sicim, kordon, tel, olta ipi
2) (a long, narrow mark, streak or stripe: She drew straight lines across the page; a dotted/wavy line.) çizgi
3) (outline or shape especially relating to length or direction: The ship had very graceful lines; A dancer uses a mirror to improve his line.) biçim, şekil
4) (a groove on the skin; a wrinkle.) kırışıklık, buruşukluk
5) (a row or group of objects or persons arranged side by side or one behind the other: The children stood in a line; a line of trees.) sıra, dizi, kuyruk
6) (a short letter: I'll drop him a line.) not, pusula
7) (a series or group of persons which come one after the other especially in the same family: a line of kings.) soy, silsile
8) (a track or direction: He pointed out the line of the new road; a new line of research.) yön, yol
9) (the railway or a single track of the railway: Passengers must cross the line by the bridge only.) hat, ray
10) (a continuous system (especially of pipes, electrical or telephone cables etc) connecting one place with another: a pipeline; a line of communication; All (telephone) lines are engaged.) telefon hattı
11) (a row of written or printed words: The letter contained only three lines; a poem of sixteen lines.) satır, dizi, mısra
12) (a regular service of ships, aircraft etc: a shipping line.) hat, yol, güzergâh
13) (a group or class (of goods for sale) or a field of activity, interest etc: This has been a very popular new line; Computers are not really my line.) seri, ürün, tip
14) (an arrangement of troops, especially when ready to fight: fighting in the front line.) hat, sıra
2. verb
1) (to form lines along: Crowds lined the pavement to see the Queen.) dizilmek, sıra oluşturmak
2) (to mark with lines.) çizgi çizmek
- linear - linesman
- hard lines!
- in line for
- in, out of line with
- line up
- read between the lines
II verb
1) (to cover on the inside: She lined the box with newspaper.) kaplamak
2) (to put a lining in: She lined the dress with silk.) astarlamak

English-Turkish dictionary. 2013.

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